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Eindhoven and Someren: Interesting Accommodation

With storms chasing us across the map, we decided to try and outrace the weather, stopping only for one night in the smaller towns. We wanted to join up with EuroVelo 4 or 6, crossing into Germany and following the Rhine. It was the first time the bike paths turned to dirt, winding through forests, horse trails and fields.

Rotterdam to Breda: Rain, Wind and More Rain

Starting at 7am as it was going to be a big day of riding we loaded up the bikes in the chilly rain.  We were heading for Breda the next big town on the map and it was going to be our longest kms yet: 66km.  We should have added another number 6 to that as every km totally sucked.  The bike paths followed farming paddocks and field lines and the wind and rain came howling straight across them with no shelter or protection.  For 6 hours (yup another 6) battling headwinds and crosswinds the bikes were reduced to a crawl with every rotation of the pedal a huge exhausting effort.  The hours crawled by and we could do nothing but put our heads down and get through, soaked to the bone and freezing.