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The Towering Cliffs of Omis: Our Favorite Place in Croatia!

As soon as we rode into Omis, we could tell this place was really unique.  Located approximately 25km below Split, the landscape of Omis looks like it’s right out of the Jurassic Age, surrounded by mountain ranges whose rocky steep slopes rise dramatically behind the town.  

Zadar to Trogir: Cycling the Coastline of Croatia

Croatia was our stopover to extend our Schengen visa.  Now with unlimited time (well, up to three months) and long sunny days we slowed our cycling right down.  Basically we would ride 30-50km as early as we could before the heat set in and stopped with long muti-day rests in-between. The Croatian coastline is filled with beautiful inlets and marinas, tiny beaches, old stone towns and hundreds of campsites and apartments. The difficulty now was deciding which gorgeous spot we should stay at!

Croatia: Raining Cats and Tractors

Arriving in Zagreb, Croatia’s northwestern capital and transport hub, we were greeted with the news that no further trains within Croatia would take bicycles. The trains either had no luggage compartments or they switched to buses which they refused to give us a ticket for. We would have to ride from here on in.