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Český Krumlov: Too Charming for It’s Own Good

We had heard from a few people that a Czech ‘must see’ was the 13th century medieval town of Český Krumlov, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Due to its economic importance but relatively peaceful history, Český Krumlov has retained its entire medieval layout and has 300 protected historic buildings including an enormous castle which the town was built around.

Czech Republic: Riding the Roads

We took a local train to Tabor, about 100km from Prague. Riding on the sidewalk in Prague is illegal and the traffic is crazy busy, so we didn’t feel comfortable riding side by side with all the peak hour vehicles. Tabor is a popular start to the Greenways Cycle Route, which takes you from Prague to Vienna. When we got off the train we encountered something we hadn’t done yet: Hills! And plenty of them.