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England: Cycling London to Land’s End Part 1

London engulfed us as we stepped off the platform at St Pancras, commuters pouring out the train doors and through exits, swirling around us as if we were stones in a fast flowing river.  We waited on the side until the ebb slowed, making our way single file, following wheelchair access signs to lifts that would take us above ground.

England: Arriving in Luton

Our EasyJet from Rome flew in at 1am to Luton Airport, and despite the early hour we were psyched to begin our next leg on the trip, our loop around England.  We had organised a Warmshowers stay with Sam and Anna, but we weren’t meeting up with them until 10am.  This gave us a good amount of time to build the bikes, grab breakfast and check out the centre of Luton before arriving at their place.