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Bike Touring in Croatia: Cycling from Zagreb to Dubrovnik

Cycling in Croatia is hugging the white line with no shoulder, sweat dripping down your nose, climbing hills and getting cramps in your fingers from grabbing the breaks.  It also has an incredible landscape, rocky and mountainous, with tiny bays, fishing villages, and gorgeous beaches one after the other filled with restaurants serving freshly grilled seafood.

Croatia: The Land of Fruit and Sunshine

Croatia in summer means an enormous array of fresh produce ready for the picking.  I’m totally crazy for summer fruit.  In our family fruit reigns as dessert with big bowls of fruit salad, berries and cream, stewed plums or peaches with ice cream or big inviting fruit bowls front and center in the fridge.  Also in Australia summer fruit means Christmas and with that holidaaaays.  So imagine my excitement when we started riding past cherry, apricot and fig trees laden with heavy branches!  It felt like Christmas had come early.

Zadar to Trogir: Cycling the Coastline of Croatia

Croatia was our stopover to extend our Schengen visa.  Now with unlimited time (well, up to three months) and long sunny days we slowed our cycling right down.  Basically we would ride 30-50km as early as we could before the heat set in and stopped with long muti-day rests in-between. The Croatian coastline is filled with beautiful inlets and marinas, tiny beaches, old stone towns and hundreds of campsites and apartments. The difficulty now was deciding which gorgeous spot we should stay at!

Ljubljana: A Surprising Detour

Standing at the international counter in Budapest’s Central Station we met with an interesting hiccup.  Most people take a direct train to Croatia, arriving a few hours later with barely a delay.  Most people do not have loaded touring bikes.  And the two daily trains from Budapest, Hungary to neighbouring Croatia did not have bike or luggage carriages.