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Cologne & Nürburgring: Beers and Cars

Checking out Google, we discovered that Cologne’s best pub Lommerzheim, serving the local brew Kölsch, was right behind our hotel.  From the moment we arrived we were welcomed with open arms.  A man next to us at the bar noticed we were strangers and introduced us to the barman.  The barman then pushed us through the crowd and plonked us onto a table which was already occupied by Margreet and Bernd.  We became instant friends as like me they loved beers, fast cars and not working.

Rotterdam to Breda: Rain, Wind and More Rain

Starting at 7am as it was going to be a big day of riding we loaded up the bikes in the chilly rain.  We were heading for Breda the next big town on the map and it was going to be our longest kms yet: 66km.  We should have added another number 6 to that as every km totally sucked.  The bike paths followed farming paddocks and field lines and the wind and rain came howling straight across them with no shelter or protection.  For 6 hours (yup another 6) battling headwinds and crosswinds the bikes were reduced to a crawl with every rotation of the pedal a huge exhausting effort.  The hours crawled by and we could do nothing but put our heads down and get through, soaked to the bone and freezing.

Weekend Trip: Wolli Creek to Berry

We took a quick weekend camping trip to test out the bikes with the gear. It was to be a easy ride using mostly bike paths from Wolli Creek to Sutherland (approx. 20km).  From there we would take the train to Kiama, and then a small local train to Berry.  Camping at the Berry Showgrounds for the night we would then ride out for a day trip to Seven Mile Beach (approx. 12km).  Despite getting prepared the night before it still took quite a while to get going. Unusual scraping noises had to be investigated, panniers to be rearranged, and finding bike paths took a bit of time.  Also getting used to how heavy the bikes were with all the gear, there were a couple of little hills near Sutherland that I was pushing the bike up!