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Madrid: A Carnivore’s Love Affair

From no-nonsense simplicity to gastronomical science, Madrid takes its food reputation, and by food I mean meat, very seriously.  Whether it be a slice of jamon between two bits of bread or tender slivers of beef blowtorched to the minute level of char, you can be sure this is a city where meat in all its forms, cuts and history, is glorified to an almost revered state.

Spain: The Bárdenas Reales Region

Bárdenas Reales is a semi-desert landscape covering over 42,000 hectares in southeast Navarre.  Made up of clay, chalk and sandstone, years of erosion has sculpted almost lunar effects, full of gullies, plateaux and cliffs.  The first thing we came across were abandoned cave houses cut into the cliffs, now housing swallows in the hundreds.