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A Street Car Named Desire: Volume 2

Bicycle touring has not only been a great way to see a country, but also a really convenient way to see some of the most unusual and beautiful vehicles on the road.  Many classic cars are seldom seen on the motorways and are usually kept safely in the garage only to be driven on quiet scenic back roads on a summer’s day.  When taking the path less travelled on a bicycle through the countryside you can frequently find hidden gems, like this tiny 3-wheel Reliant Robin,

A Street Car Named Desire

Whilst Suyin is not looking I thought I would sneak in another car related post. Eventually I will have enough content to have a spin-off blog titled “Days of Cars”. This is a collection of pictures taken of cars parked on the streets, dealerships and even some from inside a shopping centre. Porsche had filled every nook and cranny inside a Prague shopping complex with cars spanning all models to display the history of the mark.

Cologne & Nürburgring: Beers and Cars

Checking out Google, we discovered that Cologne’s best pub Lommerzheim, serving the local brew Kölsch, was right behind our hotel.  From the moment we arrived we were welcomed with open arms.  A man next to us at the bar noticed we were strangers and introduced us to the barman.  The barman then pushed us through the crowd and plonked us onto a table which was already occupied by Margreet and Bernd.  We became instant friends as like me they loved beers, fast cars and not working.

The Hague: Louwman Museum

Day two exploring The Hague we set off to visit the M.C Escher museum, mathematical masterpieces of optical illusion, just down the road. Being a rainy day we were quite happy with the short walk until I discovered that just a mere 4kms further down the road was the largest private collection of automobiles in the world open to the public, The Louwman Museum. Plans suddenly changed.