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Zadar to Trogir: Cycling the Coastline of Croatia

Croatia was our stopover to extend our Schengen visa.  Now with unlimited time (well, up to three months) and long sunny days we slowed our cycling right down.  Basically we would ride 30-50km as early as we could before the heat set in and stopped with long muti-day rests in-between. The Croatian coastline is filled with beautiful inlets and marinas, tiny beaches, old stone towns and hundreds of campsites and apartments. The difficulty now was deciding which gorgeous spot we should stay at!

One of our campsites had a private staircase that led straight to the beach.


We barely researched places to stay as there were really hundreds to choose from. It seemed almost every second house had a side business of renting rooms. Signs for campsites were all along the road. Instead we spent a lot of time testing ice-cream flavours and admiring the bright beach accessories.

We had amazing locations for camp cooking at sunset.


But we also stuffed our faces with the cheap local cuisine.


The Croatians love grilling and almost 90% of the restaurants offer grilled seafood including calamari, sardines and freshly caught fish.  Seafood prices can range from €7/$10AUD and upward.  Cycling along we also noticed large spit roasts that would be tended to all afternoon but only be ready for the dinner crowd.  Thankfully we were finally in the right place at the right time and got to try some crackling roast pork!

We slowly made our way down the coastline, stopping at Seget Donji an old fishing village just 2km before bustling Togir.


Where life went on as usual.

This was the view from the window of our tiny studio.  We really could have stayed there for a month. Everything was in miniature but perfect.


Soon it was time to tackle island life on Okrug Gornji, the island off Trogir.



Making friends with Luigi, our landlord’s well brushed corgi and walking up and down hot hilly shortcuts to reach old town.

And water in all colours of blue ready to jump in – Bliss!


Daily Costs for Ten Days:

Accommodation: €172.36
Camping fees: €115.90
New thongs: €6.65
Total Cost: €517.61/$751.38AUD
Average cost per day: €51.76/$75.13AUD


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