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Vienna: In Pictures

Vienna! Grand sophisticated imperial Vienna, the Austrian capital and the ‘City of Dreams’. We couldn’t wait to get there. We rode 92km straight from Krem in one day along the Danube river. As soon as we got in we set up camp, walked to the nearest pizzeria and crashed out exhausted. The next day we got on a train straight into town. Stepping out of the train station we ran into this gorgeous sight.

Karlskirche Church, considered the most outstanding baroque church in Vienna and one of the city’s greatest buildings.


Vienna’s buildings are so majestic, opulent and impressive with intricate detailing. You know how you can spot tourists as they are the ones staring upwards with their mouths open? That was us, all day long.




Can you imagine if this is your subway stop? This is one of the underground exits from the Karlsplatz station with the escalators coming right up to the State Opera House and the centre of Vienna. One of the most prestigious and busiest opera houses in the world with over 300 opera and ballet performances a year.


Vienna was setting up for EuroVision 2015 in front of the City Hall when we were there. Unfortunately the whole building was completely barricaded off, but we could catch a glimpse in the park next door.


At least it wasn’t as bad as this blatant scaffolding. Vienna’s Votive Church being upstaged by Coke’s ad campaign.


We ended the day stuffing ourselves at Vienna’s Naschmarkt, vowing to return someday. I hope we make good on that promise!




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