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The Danube: Following the River from Linz to Krem, Austria

Riding is not the best when you’re hung over. I blame the schnapps. Or it could have been the homemade walnut liqueur. Not to mention the countless beers and wine spritzers we had.The day started out innocently enough. We were settled in a really great campsite, free hot showers, and we had set up our tent by a cute little lake that ran through the property. A very important looking hobby boat race was being held and we had watched quite a few people come past proudly carrying their boats.


Noticing us watching the race from our prime spot by the lake the camping manager, Arnold, asked us if we wanted to try out their new rowboat they had just purchased for the camp. Sure! We spent a good hour giggling and fish chasing while trying to avoid fishermen’s rods.


Returning the oars to the bar, we stopped for a beer and a chat to a couple of Arnold’s family members and locals who were so welcoming, generous and interesting. We were having a great time. We started with ‘testing’ the local beers. Then one drink turned into another. The sun had gone down hours ago and we were propped up against the bar singing Waltzing Matilda. It was so much fun.

The next morning was shady at best. It was a struggle to pack up the tent and gear and we had run out of food so our stomaches were turning. We had only made a couple of kms when I crashed my bike, on a flat smooth road, scraping up my hands and bruising an entire thigh. Feeling over it we made it only 35km to the next town of Grein, opting for a tiny private BnB we found in a free booklet, and slept until morning.

The next day was full of renewed enthusiasm. We even took selfies!


The bike paths were gorgeous, following the Danube river edge most of the way. There were R1/Eurovelo 6 signs everywhere so we didn’t have to look at our maps. The paths were wide bitumen or concrete. It was STUNNING.


We had the most picturesque lunch spot.


We rode past some very fancy buildings. Sorry Melk Abbey – we’ll stop by next time.


We got to ride straight through vineyards and orchards of just budding apricot and apple trees.


Until we reached our campsite at Krems. And for the first time in our trip we weren’t the only tents. Not only that they were bike tourers as well!


Daily Costs

Day 1
Camping Fees: €19.50
Groceries: €4.97
Cafe/Restaurant/Bar: €47.40 (All Bar)
Total Costs: €72.07/$102.60 AUD

Day 2
Hotel Accomodation: €44
Cafe/Restaurant: €11
Laundry: €6
Groceries: €10.82
Total Costs: €71.82/$102.24 AUD

Day 3
Camping Fees: €19.50
Groceries: €6.89
Cafe/Restaurant: €3.80
Shower Tokens: €1.50
Total Costs: €31.69/$45.11 AUD

Day 4
Camping Fees: €18.30
Groceries: €14.56
Cafe/Restaurant: €10.80
Nail Clippers: €1.99
Total Costs: €45.65/$65 AUD


    • The Au an der Donau campsite with the little lake? Yes we could have stayed a week there, it was gorgeous and so welcoming! We miss it 🙂


  1. Joe says

    I guess that answers the question of how long you can live without nail clippers!


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