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A Street Car Named Desire

Whilst Suyin is not looking I thought I would sneak in another car related post. Eventually I will have enough content to have a spin-off blog titled “Days of Cars”.

This is a collection of pictures taken of cars parked on the streets, dealerships and even some from inside a shopping centre. Porsche had filled every nook and cranny inside a Prague shopping complex with cars spanning all models to display the history of the mark.

A key difference compared to Australia is that dealers in Netherlands and Germany show a real respect for a brand’s history by proudly displaying classic models in amongst the new vehicles. Frankfurt Jag had a classic E-Type proudly displayed in the middle of the show room with the new F-Type hiding off in the corner.

One thing is for sure car culture is alive and kicking in Europe.


  1. Nigel says

    Of course you realise that if you spin off Days of Cars, it gives licence to Suyin to create Days of Shoes.
    I was looking at the Map, and you have certainly covered some ground.
    Another thing about cars in streets, it never ceased to amaze me the tiny gap front and back for parking.

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