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Cologne & Nürburgring: Beers and Cars

Checking out Google, we discovered that Cologne’s best pub Lommerzheim, serving the local brew Kölsch, was right behind our hotel.  From the moment we arrived we were welcomed with open arms.  A man next to us at the bar noticed we were strangers and introduced us to the barman.  The barman then pushed us through the crowd and plonked us onto a table which was already occupied by Margreet and Bernd.  We became instant friends as like me they loved beers, fast cars and not working. We ordered the house special, an enormous crispy pork chop with onion gravy and chips.  The photo below does not do it justice, it was easily the favorite meal of the trip so far.


Conversation flowed despite our non-existent German and we agreed to dinner at a local pub the next night.  This time over massive plates of snitzchel, we discussed our plans for the next place we wanted to travel to.

I mentioned that I had planned to ride out to the famous Nürbergring otherwise known as The Ring, Cleaves bucket list item 23 or The Green Hell as Jackie Stewart nicknamed it. It turned out that Bernd had been around the track over 100 times with various cars and motorcycles.  Within minutes it had been decided that Margreet and Bernd would kindly put us up on their couch to stay one more day in Cologne so we could head off on a Motorhead’s dream day trip.


Whilst we did not get out on the track we did get to watch the Mercedes GT3 team, who had booked it for the day, testing in preparation for the 24 hour race in May.

A video I took of one of the AMG’s flying around the track.


One of the ‘Taxis’ that you can jump in for a ride around the 20.8km track.  Anyone can drive on the track in just about any vehicle, this video below will give you some idea…


Eifel – Bernd and Margreet’s lilliputian Alsatian. Not a bear cub!


Lunch just below the Nürberg Castle


Nürberg Castle with a view of the longest straight where you could see the cars hitting over 300kmph.



Finished the day with a ride in Margreet and Bernd’s replica 1933 Mercedes Roadster. I think I want to retire in Cologne….


  1. Nigel says

    “beers, fast cars and not working”…… admirable aims, some one has to do it


  2. Margreet van Petegem says

    When you worked for 40 years, it’s time to enjoy the rest , that’s why we have our nice car!!
    We were very glad you liked the trip to the Nürnburgring and surroundings and we really hope to see you again in Cologne and our house. Enjoy your trip, see you!! Bernd and Margreet with Eifel


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