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Cologne: Wandering the Waterfront

Off to Cologne!  On a suggestion from a passerby we made a little detour to the old medieval fortress town of Zons.



The town had been established before 1373 and was surrounded by high walls, turrets and moat, with cobblestones all the way through.


Cologne, Cologne!  Such a bright and beautiful city.  Our hotel, Alt Deutz, was across the water. We left the bikes inside the  staff quarters behind the hotel and climbed four flights of practically vertical stairs with all our gear.  That’s four side bags, two handlebar bags and a tent bag.  Oof! Note: When you pay for the cheapest room, it will almost always be the attic.  Not that we minded.  Attics are so cozy with their slanted roof, quietness and beautiful street views.


The next day we walked and walked all over town.  The Dom was so enormous it was hard to get it all in the camera frame.



Although there were hundreds of people inside it felt quiet and contemplative.  The grandiose gothic columns rose high above and the stained glass motifs were so incredibly detailed you could sit for ages and still see new things.


This cathedral is such a sacred pilgrimage for some as it is apparently where the remains of the Three Wise Men are housed as well as other religious artifacts and art.  The construction began in 1248 and was not completed until seven centuries later in 1880.

Walking out into the sunshine we wandered along the waterfront joining the Easter Sunday crowd.  And then onto explore our own little neighborhood.




Our local bakery turned out massive slabs of slices and pies. Content on sunshine and sugar we were ready for beer…

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