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Rotterdam to Breda: Rain, Wind and More Rain

Starting at 7am as it was going to be a big day of riding we loaded up the bikes in the chilly rain.  We were heading for Breda the next big town on the map and it was going to be our longest kms yet: 66km.  We should have added another number 6 to that as every km totally sucked.  The bike paths followed farming paddocks and field lines and the wind and rain came howling straight across them with no shelter or protection.  For 6 hours (yup another 6) battling headwinds and crosswinds the bikes were reduced to a crawl with every rotation of the pedal a huge exhausting effort.  The hours crawled by and we could do nothing but put our heads down and get through, soaked to the bone and freezing.


One windmill – the only consolation prize

Our hotel, Premiere Classe Hotel, was like a beacon in the storm.  We both practically fell off our bikes at the door and had to stand, shattered, until our joints regained some movement back.  They offered an all you-can-eat breakfast buffet and even though we put the do not disturb sign up the cleaners left a package of fresh towels, toiletries by the door. So sweet of them!

The next day was just as dreary but high on breakfast and practically giggly we set out to explore Breda.


We specifically wanted to see the beautiful Onze Lieve Vrouwe Kerk (Our Lady’s Church), also known as Grote Kerk (the Big Church) built in 1410 with the highest church tower in the Netherlands standing at 97 meters. But the streets around the church proved just as pretty, with the church tower always in the distance.




Our room radiator working triple time.

Daily Costs:

Day 1
Hotel: €46.50
Groceries: €15.80
Total: €62.30/$89AU

Day 2
Hotel: €46.50
Cafe/Restaurant: €22
Groceries: €17
Total: €85.50/$122.50AU

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