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Amsterdam: The next few days

After spending the night shivering and realising we had grossly underestimated the cold, we decided to go hunting for warmer clothes. Looking out from our tent the sky was completely overcast with drizzly rain. But rain at least was one thing we had prepared for! Pulling on sealskin socks, rainpants and jackets we headed out to the center of the city. For the next two days we took a meandering route through gritty gorgeous Amsterdam, full of canals, architecture, and of course bikes.






Armed with a new beanie and gloves for me and thermal leggings for Cleave, camping was much better. And Cleave got the wine open with a pocketknife!

Daily costs:

Day 1
Camping fees: €13
New thermals and beanie: €51.95
Camping mugs: €4
Groceries: €15
Cafe: €6.50
Shower token: €2
Total: €92.44/$128AU

Day 2
Camping fees: €13
Groceries: €12.48
Cafe: €13.75
New gloves: €18
Public toilet: €.50
Total: €59.73/$82AU


  1. Nigel says

    opening wine is easy with a pocket knife, as long as its the officers swiss army knife,
    blade, bottle opener and cork screw!

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