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Learning Basic Bike Maintenance: Thanks to Sydney Cycleways

Having not ridden or owned bikes since Cleave and I were both about 14, we decided the best way to get familiar with these brand new purchases would be to take a couple of courses. Check online for your city’s free bike courses, most city councils support cycling initiatives, and help riders feel safe in city traffic. A quick search led us to Sydney Cycleways Basic Bike Care Course, held at the Sydney Park Cycling Centre in Sydney Park.


Rocking up with our own bikes, we were greeted by Ollie, our instructor, a cheerful workshop full of bikes and parts, and a small class of seven from avid hobbyists to rusty riders.


Three hours later we had basic knowledge of:

– wheels on and off
– tyres on and off
– chain maintenance and cleaning
– air pressure and valves
– repairing a puncture
– basic tool kit

As well as a bunch of extra facts, answers to all and any questions, laughter, tea and biscuits. We even learnt how to flip the bike correctly without straining your back. It may seem so simple but learning the correct way to do these things rather than assuming helps avoid stress on the bikes parts and yourself!


It was a great community vibe, and chatting to other bike enthusiasts about our bikes and trip was really encouraging. One guy’s eyes lit up when he saw our two matching (Medium and Small frames) Fuji Tourers 2015, telling us that they were great value. He said the reason you don’t see many of them for sale second-hand is because they last for years. We had just been going by lots of Google researching, reading reviews and YouTube so it was nice to get verbal affirmation that we were on the right track!


We’re really looking forward to going to a couple more courses, especially the Cycling in the City one, so I feel more confident in traffic and on main roads.

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